• Landwirtschaftliche Biogasanlage
  • Biogasanlage 370 kW
  • Biogasanlage 350 kW
  • Gasspeicherdach mit BHKW
  • Biogasanlage 1000 kW
  • Edelstahlfermenter 3000m³
  • Biogasanlage Polen 1000 kW
  • Biogasanlage Rumenien 2000 kW

ENSPAR Biogas GmbH

Paderborner Straße 44
33181 Bad Wünnenberg

Fon: +49 2957 – 98 42 770
Fax: +49 2957 – 98 48 88

E-mail: enspar@enspar.de

Dosage technology

ENSPAR offers robust and low-maintenance technology for the dosing of solid substrates, e.g. maize, GPS, grass silage, solid and poultry manure. The feed into the digester is carried out using proven screw technology below the liquid level.

Dosing units for solid substrates

A biogas plant can be fed evenly and reliably with a screw conveyer system in combination with a solid dosing unit. The substructure of the dosing unit is standardly manufactured of stainless steel. Optionally, the top element, the mixing screw and it´s knives can likewise be delivered in stainless steel. Low wear is thereby guaranteed.

The drive operates with robust geared motors with subsequent cardan shaft and planetary mitre gear. A shear pin clutch is integrated in the powertrain as safeguard. The consistency of the added material has a decisive influence on the duration of the mixing process. An optimal operation is guaranteed with chopped raw materials of 3-5 cm length. For longer materials, we recommend the use of cutters in the dosing units. 



Liquid dosing 

For the safe and reliable injection of solids into a flow-through, closed piping systems, ENSPAR's liquid NawaRo injection technology is a guarantor. We recommend this technique for plants with a high liquid share and fibrous materials. 

 This dosing technology is available for the injection of up to 5t / h or up to 9t / h. The Fastfeed 300 can handle up to 4 t / h at very low, wear-resistant speeds, while the Fastfeed 400 can deliver up to 9 t / h. The feeding power can be increased by increasing the rotational speed.

Contact us - we will be happy to provide you with a customized solution!




Profitable recycling of residues

Tons of organic residues that release methane during decomposition are accumulated in agriculture, food production and wastewater treatment. This gas can contribute significantly to climate change if it is emitted unchecked into the atmosphere.

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Plant concepts

Individual and tailored

You would like to exploit the energy contained in the biowaste or sewage sludge accumulated in your municipality? You have organic production residue that can be used as a raw material to produce energy? You possess quantities of farm/liquid manure?

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Biogas plant technologies

Components for your biogas plant – Quality made in Germany

From plant control units to the tent roof, exhaust air treatment to equipment for preliminary    tanks – ENSPAR Biogas has an extensive range that covers all areas of biogas technology to deliver smart, needs-based solutions for specific locations.

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